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Rec Committee & AGCs

The Recreation Committee is comprised of Board member, Staff, and all Age Group Coordinators (AGC), and is charged with oversight for all aspects of the Recreational Soccer Program.  All Committee members are elected by the MVSC Board of Directors.  If you are interested in becoming more involved in the leadership of MVSC, please contact the Director of Recreational Soccer, Joan Hottenstein.If you are interested in becoming an Age Group Coordinator for future seasons, or would like to become more involved in Club leadership, please contact Joan Hottenstein, Director of Recreational Soccer.

For a volunteer AGC job description, click here.

Director of Recreational Soccer, K - 2nd Grade:  Dave Harris
Kindergarten Boys & Girls - Jon Bontz
1st Grade Boys - Sarah Dennis Phillips
1st Grade Girls - Dave Harris
2nd Grade Boys - Philip Chigos
2nd Grade Girls - Dave Harris
Director of Recreational Soccer, 3rd - 5th Grade: Joan Hottenstein
3rd Grade Boys - Andrea Newell
3rd Grade Girls - Beth Berl
4th Grade Boys - Joan Hottenstein
4th Grade Girls Joan Hottenstein
Director of Recreational Soccer, 6th Grade - HS: Lilly Oates
5th Grade Boys - Gerald McLean
5th Grade Girls - Stacey Silver
6th Grade Boys -Chris Donnelly
6th Grade Girls - Matt Cameron
7/8th Grade Boys - Susan George
7/8th Grade Girls - Lilly Oates
High School Boys & Girls - Scott Bender  &  Karen Smith
Other Rec Committee Members:
Jon Bontz, Dir. of Operations
Rick Fullerton, Dir. of Coaching & Player Development,