Creedman Cup 5v5 Tournament

WHEN:  Labor Day, September 2, 2019 from 9:00am - 5:00pm

WHERE:  Mill Valley Community Center, 180 Camino Alto Ave., Mill Valley, CA
(Friends Field and Bayfront Field)

COSTS:  $280 per team



Creedman Cup 5 v 5 Tournament Rules of Play

Field of Play & Equipment

  • Dimensions:  25 yards X 35 yards
  • Penalty Box:  50 feet wide X 15 feet deep
  • Penalty Mark:  Centered, top of the penalty box
  • Goals:  6’ X 12’ Bownets
  • Balls:  U8 - U12:  #4        U13+:  #5

Players & Substitutions

  • 5 v 5 play:  4 field players + goalkeeper
  • Minimum:  must have at least 4 players, with one being the goalkeeper
  • Maximum:  no maximum roster size, 6 - 8 recommended
  • Substitutions:  Unlimited, “on the fly.”   Exiting player must be off the field of play before new player enters.  Goalkeeper may only be substituted during a stoppage in play, and must be allowed by the referee.

Duration of Game & Start of Play

  • Duration:  2 equal halves of 20 minutes each.  
  • Halftime:  5 minutes
  • Start of Play:  Visiting team gets ball, Home team picks side to defend.  Play will start on the hour with horn, not the referee’s whistle.  
  • Late Start:  If either team is not in position to play at horn, referee will give a 1 minute “grace period” warning, after which game will start on whistle, regardless of who has kick-off.
  • End of Play:  Horn will signal end of half, start of second half, and end of game.  No extra time will be added.  If a shot is taken prior to the horn, that shot will count even if the ball enters the goal after the horn.  This decision is at the sole discretion of the referee.

Fouls & Misconduct

  • FIFA rules except where otherwise stated in this document.
  • Players who are sent off may not return for remainder of the tournament.
  • All free kicks are indirect (IDK), except for penalty kicks.  Defenders must allow 5 yards of space from ball.
  • Heading:  No intentional heading at any age.  Infraction results in an IDK for opposing team. 
  • Goalies:  May not handle the ball on an intentional pass back, and may not punt the ball. 
  • Offside:  No offsides in 5 v 5 play.
  • Restarts:  All restarts must take place within 5 seconds, or ball is awarded to opposing team. 
  • Throw-Ins:  Kick-ins only.  All defenders must allow for 5 yards of space.
  • Goal Kicks:    
  • Any infraction results in a retake of the goal kick.
  • Defending team must be outside the penalty area, and may not enter until a second touch by the team in possession.  
  • Attacking team may play ball within penalty area, and once distributed, ball must touch a player OR the ground within the defensive half of the field.
  • Goalie may roll the ball into play from anywhere within the penalty area.
  • ​Blow-Out Rule:  If a team is ahead by 3 or more goals (goal differential +3), the opposing team has the option of adding a 6th player to the field until the score is tied.

WIN = 3 points,   TIE = 1 point,    LOSS = 0 points,   No additional points for goals scored or shutouts. 
YELLOW CARD = -1 point per card,  RED CARD = -3 points per card

Pool Play Tie Breakers:

  1. Head to head result, if available.
  2. Cumulative goal differential in pool play (maximum 5 per game).
  3. Fewest Goals Against in pool play.
  4. Most Goals For in pool play (maximum of 5 per game).
  5. Shootout:  3 shooters for each team, following standard PK shoot out rules.

Championship Round Tie Breaker:  Games in standard pool play may result in a tie.  For Championship games, 2 X 5 minute overtime periods will be played, with teams switching ends at the midway point.  No half-time break during extend play.  Golden Goal applies - first team to score wins.  After extended play, if game remains tied, standard 5 person PK shootout rules apply.

Sportsmanship:  Players, coaches and spectators are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.  Abuse of referees will not be tolerated.  Any instance of unsporting behavior will be grounds for immediate ejection of player, coach or team without refunds to the offending team.