Virtual Academy

As our community continues to shelter in place, MVSC is committed to keeping our young athletes active and healthy, while also providing opportunities for social connection, structure, and routine during this challenging time.  Based on overwhelmingly positive parent feedback from our virtual training sessions in April, MVSC is pleased to announce an additional offering of virtual training sessions (provided through Zoom), taking place from May 11 - June 12.

Our new Virtual Academy program is open to all Recreational, Development and Competitive players.*  

*Any players who are registered with a Competitive team in a non-MVSC club must obtain written permission from their club's Director of Coaching and e-mail that permission to prior to registering with our program.

Program Benefits:

  • Physical activity in a safe environment, while adhering to shelter-in-place guidelines
  • Player development - soccer skills, athletic skills, mental skills
  • Routine/Structure
  • Social engagement 


  • Footwork/Ball Mastery
  • Physical conditioning
  • Strength/Agility/Quickness/Coordination
  • Juggling
  • Striking/First touch (wall sessions)
  • Socializing via Zoom with Coach and fellow participants

We are also offering virtual Goalkeeper training sessions!


  • $50 for five 45-minute sessions
  • $65 for five 55-minute sessions

To apply for a partial, need-based scholarship, please submit a Financial Aid Application.


Players on MVSC competitive “A” teams have the option of training with the age group one year older (e.g.; 2010 competitive “A” team players can train in the 2009 sessions if they wish to do so).  If you wish to pursue this option, register for your correct birth year and then send a note to with a request to “play up”, and specify the day of the session you wish to join.

If you wish to register a player for more than one weekly session, please select REGISTER A PLAYER again before checkout, and register for each additional session.

Enrollment will be capped in all sessions.  


For registration or administration questions, please contact

For questions about the program, please contact Rick Fullerton, MVSC’s Director of Coaching and Player Development:


What does each player need to bring?

Players should wear training-appropriate clothing and have the following at each training session:  

  • Computer, ipad or phone with Zoom App
  • A soccer ball
  • A space that is at least 5 yards X 5 yards
  • 5 cones or 5 socks (for markers) on the ground/floor

What else do I need to know?

First, it’s important to keep in mind that our Coaches will not be able to supervise the safety of participants during a virtual training.  Parents are responsible for the safety and well being of their children during Zoom interactive learning sessions.

We recommend that players use an outdoor space whenever possible, to prevent accidental damage inside the home!  Also, please take care where you locate the audio/video device, to avoid damage to the device from the soccer ball.

Also, players do not need to have access to the "perfect" set-up in order to benefit from virtual training. Players can train indoors or outdoors. Players can train on grass, carpet, the floor in their house, or pavement.  

Lastly, here is a list of MVSC Pro Coaches who are offering private sessions for those interested in an Individual Development Program for your child.

What is Zoom and how do I access it?

Zoom is a free video conferencing platform that is easy to use for remote learning. 

In order to access a Zoom session, you need to download the Zoom app onto your device. Due to the screen size, we suggest your player use either an ipad or a laptop, rather than an iphone.  We will email you an invitation to join a Zoom session for your group using the parent email addresses we have on file.  In that invitation you will see a hyperlink and a meeting ID number. You will need both of these to join the meeting. 

Step 1: Install Zoom App. You do not need to register for an account. Our Coaches have accounts, but our players need only have the App and an invitation to join.

Step 2: If you aren’t familiar with Zoom meetings yet, please take a moment and watch this short tutorial about how to test your microphone and camera prior to a session.

Step 3: Join the session.

  • Five minutes prior to the scheduled session time, click the session link from your email invitation. This will take you to a page where you will be asked to join Click on and enter your meeting ID number in the space provided. From here, you will be connected to your session.
  • Wait for your Coach to join the meeting.
  • Click “yes” to use your camera & microphone.
  • Choose “call using Internet Audio.”
  • Click “start video” if you cannot see yourself.