Other Development Program Opportunities

7th & 8th grade Development Program - Group ("DPG") 

  • Participation requirements:  By invitation only, after participation in tryouts.  
  • Costs:  $160

DPGs consist of players who are of comparable soccer ability, dedication and maturity, who are looking for a skill-intensive, developmental training experience as a supplement to their Recreational Team experience.  Only qualified players who demonstrate appropriate focus, coachability, and emotional readiness may be offered invitations to join a DPG.  DPGs train once/week with a professional coach.  DPG participants are expected to attend a minimum of one practice per week with their respective Recreational teams as well as all of their Recreational teams’ weekend games.  DPGs are only formed in an age/gender group in which the player pool presenting at our Tryouts supports DPG formation (i.e., a full group of motivated, qualified players for whom MVSC is unable to form a Development Program League and for whom there is not a place on one of our Competitive teams).  MVSC will not form a DPG in age/gender groups in which we form Development Program Leagues. 

U8-U14 Development Program - Individual ("DPI")

  • Participation requirements:  By invitation only, after participation in tryouts.

DPI opportunities enable an individual player to practice during the fall with a Competitive team as a supplement to a player’s commitment to his or her Recreational team’s practices and games.  In order to ensure an appropriate Coach/Player ratio at the Competitive team practices, only a limited number of DPI invitations can be extended.  DPI opportunities will be offered only to players who demonstrate appropriate ability, focus, etc., to benefit from and contribute to the standard of play within the training environment of a Competitive team.  DPI opportunities are not available by request.  These opportunities are not provided for every age group, and invitations will be offered by our Professional Staff only to qualified players who tryout for competitive teams. 

MVSC aims to provide motivated players with an opportunity to benefit from a professionally coached, developmental training opportunity during the fall season, regardless of their current level of athleticism or soccer skills.  If you have questions about these opportunities, please contact MVSC's Director of Coaching and Player Development, Rick Fullerton.