Competitive & Development Tryout FAQ

When should I come to tryouts, and what should I bring?

  • Please register online for tryouts at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to sign in. If you haven’t registered online, you’ll need to complete additional paperwork.
  • Players should wear cleats and shin guards, and bring a water bottle. Please DO NOT wear MVSC or other club jerseys; white or grey shirts are preferred.

Should I stay and watch?

  • We recommend that parents check their players in, leave and then come back 10 minutes before the end of the session.
  • If you opt to stay, parents may sit in the bleachers, but may not be on the track or field at anytime.

How do players know which team to try out for?

Players do not need to indicate their desired level of play.  Our professional staff will evaluate the complete player pool at each age.  We make roster offers by age group, and we manage the team roster decisions in early June.

What if we only want to try out for Development, and not a Competitive team?

That’s fine.  We want to find the best player placement for every child.   If your child is offered a roster spot on a competitive team, you are welcome to decline and request placement on a development team.  Development teams typically form only for age groups U8 - U12.

How many tryouts does a player need to attend?

MVSC offers three tryouts for U8 - U14 age groups.  We do this to provide flexibility for players with other sports or extracurricular activities.  Players with other in-season sports commitments should attend those games or events.  Players are only required to attend one tryout; we encourage players to attend as many as they can.

How do your coaches evaluate all the players on the field?

Players are evaluated on technical, tactical, athletic and psychological factors demonstrated in their attitude, approach and performance at tryouts.  Our professional staff will asses these qualities through a variety of methods, the most important of which is their application in small-sided games.

Will my player be observed by one or more Coaches during the entire tryout?

Our Staff wants the players to enjoy the tryout experience and to PLAY for most of the minutes they are on the field.  At times, our Coaches will need to compare notes with one another, to discuss next steps in the tryout process, to get a drink of water, etc.  Our approach is to allow the kids to continue playing during those times.  Each player will be observed for a majority of the tryout, and every player will be observed by three or more coaches during the tryout process.  Being able to maintain concentration, work ethic, and high-level performance with consistency throughout the duration of the tryouts are valued player assets.

What is the process by which players will find out if they have made a competitive team, and when will players be notified?

At the completion of the tryout process, all players who earn competitive roster spots will be selected to player pools for their age group, rather than specific teams.  Because of the high volume of players who typically attend tryouts (900+), MVSC uses a variety of methods to notify families.  The process and timeline for Competitive Program invitations is as follows:

  • Names of players receiving invitations to pools will be posted on MVSC's website on or before May 13th.
  • All families of players invited to accept competitive roster spots will receive an email invitation within 24 hours after the lists are posted.
  • Families will not be contacted by our Coaches via e-mail or by phone.
  • Families are expected to accept or decline an invitation by May 15th at 8:00am.
  • Players who accept invitations will be required to register for our Competitive Program and to pay a registration fee at the time of acceptance.

What if my child doesn’t make a competitive team pool, but receives an invitation to the Development program?

  • Invitations to our Development League will be extended shortly after we confirm the participants in our Competitive program.
  • Notification, invitations and acceptance will follow the same process described above, approximately 72 hours after the competitive process is completed.

If my child does not make a competitive or development team, can he or she still play recreational soccer?

Yes, and we hope they will!  Players who don’t receive an invitation to either of our other programs are encouraged to register for MVSC Recreational Soccer by June 1.  

What if I have more questions about the tryout process or any of your programs?

Please use our website as your primary resource for more information:

We have FAQs for every program, under the program tabs in our primary navigation bar.  If you have additional questions specific to your child, please send a brief email to:, and our staff will get back to you within 24 hours.