Development FAQs

MVSC has offered many different player development opportunities to all interested players for many years.  A complete listing of our current Development Program offerings can be found on our Development Opportunities:  2021 page.  While the structure of our program is still evolving, here are some answers to commonly asked questions:


Can anyone join the Development Program ("DP")?

The DP is available to any interested player within the birth range.  The DP is designed for any interested, dedicated 1st-8th grade soccer player who seeks to benefit from a professionally coached, player development opportunity.  

Are there Development Program Leagues in every age group?

No.  MVSC currently only offers Development Program Leagues ("DPL") in the 1st-6th grade groups, and Leagues are only formed when a sufficient pool of players registers and commits to participating.  To learn more, visit our Development Opportunities: 2021 page.

What are the opportunities if my child is not in the 1st-6th grade age group?

For younger children, we offer a number of professionally coached clinics at several different times of year.  Our Kindergarten Rec program offers professional training at every practice during the course of the season.  For older ages, there are several other DP offerings, depending on volume of interested players.  For a full description, see Development Opportunities: 2021 page.

What is the cost of the various DP offerings?

Approximate program costs are listed on our Development Program Overview page, but costs vary, depending on the program.  It is assumed that most players who are offered a DPI or DPG opportunity will be playing in our MVSC Rec league, so the additional costs are primarily aimed at covering the cost of our professional training staff.

If I accept an invitation to play on a Development Program League team, what is the refund policy if we later drop out?

The Development Program League cost is actually split into two components:  a registration fee, which covers the general club expenses similar to the Recreational Program, and the trainer fee, which covers the cost of the professional trainers who work with your child.  Because your acceptance of a DPL team roster spot may preclude an invitation being extended to another child, we expect the commitments to the program to be considered seriously.  As such, players who withdraw from the program may receive a refund as follows:

Date of Request

Refund Details

Within 7 days of accepting an invitation

Full refund, less $30 administrative fee

By July 15

Registration fee portion only.
Pro trainer portion is non-refundable.

By August 1

50% of Registration fee only.
Pro trainer portion is non-refundable.

After August 1

No refunds.


Are there any other things I should know about the season?

Many general questions you might have about the MVSC season can be found in the Recreational Program FAQ.  If you have more questions about tryouts or our Competitive Program, please go to the Competitive Soccer page, where there is a great deal of information about the tryout schedule, coaching staff, costs and more.  If you have more specific questions about the Development Program, feel free to send them to and they will be forwarded to the appropriate person.