MVSC 2018 State Cup Recap

And the winners are...

MVSC 2018 State Cup Recap


2018 MVSC State Cup Recap

The dust has settled and the fields have flooded, 

so how did our teams do this season in 2018 Nor Cal State Cup?

AMAZING! Look below at the MVSC State Cup successes below! 


U9 Fusion  4th place in State Division. (Coach Chris Dove) (Pic 1)

U10 Fusion  Champion of Premier 3 Division. (Coach Rick Fullerton) (Pic 2)

U10 Fusion Red Champion of Silver 3 Division. (Coach Mike Cirvello) (Pic 3) 

U11 Fusion 2nd place in State Division. Finished 2nd out of 200 teams.(Coach Rick Fullerton) (Pic 4)

U10 Fusion White  2nd place in Bronze Division. (Coach Julien Melendez) (Pic 5)

U12 Fusion Red  2nd place in Bronze 3 Division. (Coach Chris Howard ) (No Pic Provided Please send and we will update) 

U10 Rockers  6th place in State Division. (Coach Rob Funes) (Pic 6) 

U11 Rockers White  Champion in Bronze 3 Division. (Coach Adam Dietz) (Pic 7) 

U12 Rockers  2nd place in Premier 1 Division. (Coach Rick Fullerton) (Pic 8) 

U12 Rockers White  Champion in Bronze 4 Division. (Coach Cody Pillon) (Pic 9) 

U13 Rockers Red Champion of Silver 3 division. (Coach Katie Turtle) (Pic 10)