Volunteers Needed!


Join the fun and help make MVSC better than ever!

Every year our parent survey shows satisfaction with MVSC’s programming at 90% or higher.  That success is largely due to the enthusiastic and talented parents who help us with everything from Coaching, to The Creedman Cup, to being an Age Group Coordinator, and more.  While you may opt out of volunteering by paying a $50 fee*, we hope you will roll up your sleeves and jump in to help.

For a complete description of all volunteer roles within our Premier Rec program, please read further. 


Head coaches are usually a team parent, and there may also be two parents who split the role of coaching.  For more information on coaching clinics, equipment, etc., please see our “Coaches” page.  Basic responsibilities include:

  • MVSC requests  that all coaches take US Soccer’s free online grassroots coaching course, attend a Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) clinic, or attend an equivalent approved coaching clinic offered before each season.  
  • Running weekly practices 
    • Kinder - all trainings are run by a pro coach.  Volunteer Coach is welcome, but attendance is not required.
    • 1st - 3rd Grade - 1 practice per week, 60 - 90 minutes depending on age.  
    • 4th Grade - HS - 2 practices per week X 90 minutes.  One practice will be run by a pro coach, where Volunteer Coach is welcome, but attendance is not required..  
  • Prepare all content and formats of practices, with assistance from MVSC’s online coaching resources.
  • Manage weekend games (usually one per weekend, but occasionally 2)
  • Report game scores weekly (2nd Grade and older)
  • Communicate with parents (may be delegated to team parent)
  • Coaches must properly model MVSC’s Code of Conduct at all times.  

Each team should have an assistant coach, usually a team parent.  The Assistant Coach is encouraged to satisfy the same coaching education required of the Coach, and may attend the mandatory coaches’ meeting in place of the Coach.  

The Assistant Coach should expect the same time commitments as the Coach, although shared accountability may allow for a distribution of that time commitment between both parties.  

Assistant Coaches may request to be paired with a specific Coach, or will be assigned to an age appropriate team as need requires.  Assistant Coaches must properly model our Code of Conduct at all times.

Being a volunteer ref is a fun way to be involved with your child’s team.  Here’s the low-down:

  • Kindergarten:  No referees. Coaches manage games with assistance by Game Day Facilitator.  

  • 1st Grade:  One coach from each team manages the flow of games from the sidelines on split fields.

  • 2nd & 3rd Grade:  A parent referee presides at every game, calling direction of play and fouls as necessary, with home team providing the ref.  

  • 4th Grade - High School:  Licensed referees run the games.

Two parents may share the referee responsibilities.  No prior experience is required, but some knowledge of the game is helpful.  Referees supply their own stop watch and whistle.

Referees impartially apply the MVSC Modified Laws of Soccer as appropriate for that age group. 

Volunteer Referees are required to attend a 90 minute training session at the beginning of the season. No formal testing or certification is required.  (A licensed Referee is welcome to fulfill this volunteer position, but should be familiar with the modified laws appropriate to that age group.) 

Referees must properly model MVSC’s Code of Conduct at all times.

Held annually on Labor Day, The Creedman Cup 5 v 5 Tournament is MVSC’s kick-off-to-the-season celebration.   MVSC relies exclusively on volunteer support to run and manage this fun family event.  It’s a ton of fun and a great way to support the Club.  

Volunteers sign up to work a 2-hour shift, and will be assigned to a variety of stations, including field set-up, concessions, as well as set-up and take-down.  

MVSC occasionally undertakes special projects that require volunteer support.  This may come in the form of field improvement projects, preparation for a special club event, photographing games for the MVSC website, or support in fundraising endeavors.  If you'd like to be contacted by MVSC Leadership when volunteer opportunities arise, please sign up for special projects.

AGC’s are volunteers who manage each age group/division of our Premier Rec program.  They are primarily responsible for forming teams, recruiting coaches, and communicating with coaches throughout the season.  They attend 5-7 meetings per year of the Premier Rec Committee and work closely with the Director for their age group.  It’s a great position for parents who like to be involved and who are interested in meeting more parents in their child’s grade. 

MVSC is a registered non-profit youth sports organization, largely managed and run by volunteers like you.  Our Board of Directors and Committee members are all parents in the Club, with children playing in our Premier Rec and/or Competitive soccer programs.  

MVSC is always happy to talk to individuals willing to make a commitment toward making our Club stronger.  Regardless of which program your child participates in, we are interested in parents who will consider the needs of each individual, and who will dedicate themselves to the management and improvement of our Club as a whole.  Whether on a committee or on the Board, we generally ask for a 2-3 year commitment, with the knowledge that time requirements vary for each role within the club.

If you are interested in learning more about leadership opportunities within MVSC, please send a brief statement of interest to information@mvsc.org.

*All families are required to pay a $50 Volunteer Fee at registration.  If you complete your volunteer commitment, the $50 will be refunded to you at the end of the season, usually by mid-November, either to your credit card or via check.   Families requesting financial aid are expected to volunteer in some capacity.