US Soccer Background Checks

The United States Soccer Federation ("USSF"), and US Club Soccer are the governing bodies that preside over play within the Mill Valley Soccer Club.  USSF’s requirement is that all coaches, whether paid or volunteer, submit to a Staff Background Check as a condition of working with youth athletes.

The process is free to all coaches, assistants or team managers, but does require a little bit of your time.  The Background Check Screening will be valid for 2 seasons.  If you completed this process last year, you are clear for another season. 

If you are uncertain about your clearance status, please check the 2018 Background Screening List.

If your name is on this list, you are good to go thru July 31, 2020.  If your name is not on this list, please complete the process as described below.

Many people feel they completed this process in the prior year, but the usual reason they are not on the list is failure to complete all of the steps below, or failure to load the proper Certificates of Completion.  If you are not on thiis list, you need to do the process again.

This is a three part process that can become rather complex if the following instructions are not followed carefully:

  1.  SAFE SPORT Certification; an online training that covers sexual abuse, hazing, bullying, physical misconduct, harrasement as well as reporting obligations.
    1. Click on link above and create an account.
    2. Select U.S. Soccer as your organization.
    3. Use Access Code:   YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M
    4. Complete all 3 sections:  1) Sexual Misconduct, 2) Mandatory Reporting, 3) Emotional & Physical Misconduct.  You will receive a certificate for each of the 3 sections, but these are NOT what you need.  
    5. Upon completeion of all 3 sections, you'll receive a final CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.  Download this, as you will need this file later.
      You may not automatically receive this certificate.  If necessary, click on your "personal icon," select SAFESPORT TRAINED, and then download the certificate.
  2. SIDELINE SPORTS DOC (SSD) Certification; an online course designed to imporve on-field triage for common sports injuries.
    1. Click the link above and create an account.
    2. There is a $5 fee for the course.  Bypass using Discount Code:  MVSC101
    3. Upon completion of all videos and quizzes, you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.  Download this, as you will need this file later.
  3. US CLUB SOCCER STAFF BACKGROUND CHECK, which is quick and easy, but you will need to upload certificates for both courses listed above in order to access the application.  

    When you reach the Check-Out page, you'll be asked to pay $18.  DO NOT PAY.
    • Send a note to:  ​​, confirming you have complted the process.
    • The Club will respond with 24 hours (usually much faster), with a unique 1-time use DISCOUNT CODE.
    • Enter the Discount Code in the payment page to complete the process.

For more information about this process, go to the US CLUB SOCCER STAFF BACKGROUND CHECK PAGE.

All coaches and assistant coaches must complete this process no later than August 15, 2019.  Coaches who do not complete the Background Check process are not covered under the Club's general liability insurance.

Thank you for your support and participation of this policy.