Player Evaluation

Each season, we ask that Recreational Coaches complete a simple, one page Player Evaluation Form for their team.  This simple rating system assists the club in forming teams in the subsequent season.

Evaluation forms are due by October 25, 2019.

This is a mandatory component of being an MVSC Recreational Coach.  Failure to complete this form may have ramifications for the following season.

NEW:  We are asking that each coach indicate on this evaluation form which child was awarded the Ropers Award for the season.  To learn about this highly iconic tradition withing MVSC, please read the Clarc Ropers Memorial Page.  If your Player Evaluation form is submitted on or before the 10/25 deadline, your Ropers Award winner will be listed on the MVSC website.  If you submit your evaluations after this deadline, we will not be able to recognize your team's award winner.

Thank you for helping with this critical step in MVSC team formation.