Jamboree Rules

The Jamboree is a great tradition within our community.  It affords the players an opportunity to participate in a tournament format, with multiple games and exciting competition.  It is critical that all of us; coaches, players and parents, remember that the joy is in the playing.  Let the kids end the season by playing for themselves and their teammates, and taking what they can from their experience on the field. 

A few reminders about the format:

  1. Teams participate in a “pool play” format.  Each team will play at least 3 games on 10/28 & 10/29.   Some divisions with an odd number of teams will have one team that plays 4 games, with one of the 4 games randomly chosen to NOT count in the standings.
    NOTE:  2nd & 3rd Grade Teams play 3 games in mini-Jamboree format on 10/28 + Championship for top 2 teams, same day.
  2. The teams with the most success will advance to the Championship round on 11/4 or 11/5.
  3. The winning Coach should use “Phone-It-In” to report their game scores.  Please note that the PIN for the Jamboree is:  7645
    If you have difficulty with Phone-It-In, promptly email your scores to: jonbontz@yahoo.com
  4. Be sure to read the Jamboree Rules carefully.  This year’s Jamboree has approximately 165 games scheduled in three towns spread over 18 fields, so rescheduling is not an option.  Please play the games you have been scheduled to play.  Please work together with your fellow coaches to resolve any issues at the field.  

    Coaches, win or lose, play for the fun of playing soccer, and set a standard of sportsmanlike excellence that our kids can model and learn from going forward.

  5. If possible, winners of each flight should take a photo of the team. Email a single team photo to jonbontz@yahoo.com, with a brief, one paragraph description of your tournament experience.

    Jamboree Rules

  1. Officials: A single Center Referee will be assigned to most games. If your referee does not show, please recruit a parent, coach or other volunteer to ref the game. If a coach volunteers to referee, no coaching on the field is allowed.  There will be no forfeits because a referee does not show, so find a way to play the game.
    NOTE:  2nd & 3rd Grade games will not have referees.

  2. Team Rosters: Rosters must be the same players as during the regular season.  5/6th & 7/8th Grade teams must present their official MISA Roster at each game.  While borrowing players to some extent was allowed during the regular season, it is not allowed during the Jamboree.  Any use of players not on the approved Roster will result in automatic expulsion from the tournament and suspension of coaching privileges from the Club next season.

  3. Round Robin Play: Each team will play 3 games against teams in their flight.  Composite scoring will determine the ranking of each team at the end of pool play.  Top teams advance.  (Teams playing in a 3-team Flight will only play 2 round robin games.)

  4. Scoring: 
    win = 6 points 
    tie = 3 points
    goal = 1 point per goal, maximum 3 points
    shutout = 1 point
    blowout (win by more than 5 goals) = -3 points

    1. a game that ends 3-0 earns 10 points for the winning team.  
    2. a game that ends 2-1 earns 8 points for the winner and 1 for the loser.  
    3. a 1-1 tie earns both teams 4 points.  
    4. a team that wins 7-0 would earn 10 points as noted above, but then lose 3 points for the blow-out, netting 7 points.
  5. Winners: Teams advance to the Championship round based on total points (not goals).  In the event of a tie, the following tie-breakers apply, in order:
    1. Winner of head-to-head competition, if played.
    2. Fewest goals allowed.
    3. Most goals scored, maximum of 5 per game.
    4. Goal Differential, maximum of 3 per game.
    5. Coin toss by the AGC of that age group.

  6. Starting Times: Games are scheduled back to back.  All teams must arrive 30 minutes before game time and get checked in by the ref. If a team is not ready to play 5 minutes after a game’s scheduled start, the Referee will automatically declare a forfeit. If we are running late, the Referee can shorten up the game by taking an equal amount of time off each half.  Even if games don’t start on time, they will need to end on-time.  Your game cannot push into the next game’s scheduled time slot.

    2nd & 3rd Grade - 2 X 15 minutes halves (5 minute halftime)

    4th Grade - 2 X 20 minute halves (5 minute halftime).
    5/6th Grade - 2 X 25 minute halves (5 minute halftime).
    7th/8th - 2 X 30 minute halves (5 minute halftime). 

  7. Running late is not an option.
  8. Rules of Play:  All games are played under the Laws of Soccer as used during the regular season.
  9. Forfeitures: A team with fewer than 4 players in 2nd-3rd, 5 players in 4th-6th, or 7 players in 7/8th, shall forfeit the game. The opposing coach can elect, if both coaches agree, to loan players to the opponent team so a “friendly” game can be played. The team still forfeits and the default winner will be awarded a score of 1-0 and 8 points.

  10. Championship Round:  Top teams in each flight will advanced to the Championship round.  In this round, games will run their full length (2 X 25 halves for 4th grade, 2 X 30 minute halves for 5th & 6th grade and 2 X 35 minute halves for 7th/8th grade.) 
    NOTE:  2nd & 3rd Grade still play 2 X 15 minute halves.
  11. Overtime: Only allowed for the Championship games, as there must be a winner.
    If tied after regulation time, 2 X 5 minute overtime periods will be played, with no halftime break, and with the “golden goal,” or sudden death rule in effect.  First team to score wins.

    If a game is still tied after OT, the game will be decided by Penalty Kicks.  Penalty kick shootout is 5 kicks per team from five different players, taken in alternating sequence.  Any player may be selected to kick, including the goalie and players on the bench at the end of OT.  The team with the most goals wins.  If tied after 5 shots each, each team continues with 1 new player per shot until one team wins.
  12. Good Sportsmanship: Good sporting behavior is expected of all participants – players, coaches, parents and families. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of the participants on their team, and parents on the sideline. Foul or abusive language will not be allowed. Players breaking this rule will be ejected from the game without warning.  A player or coach receiving a red card is automatically suspended from the remainder of the Jamboree.

In the event of rain, call for field conditions to the following numbers:

www.mvsc.org. Check Field Status Window (Friends, Bayfront, Alto, Bell/Roper)

927-5076 (Corte Madera Town Park)