NEW for 2021!
MVSC unveiled a new logo in 2020, and with it, new uniforms. Because we weren't able to bust out our new colors last season, we look forward to seeing plenty of new logo gear on the field in 2021!

All MVSC Recreational players will need a reversible MVSC Red/White jersey, black shorts and knee-high black socks (must cover shinguards).   All players must wear shin guards.  Soccer cleats are recommended, but sneakers are allowed.  Baseball or football cleats are not allowed.  

The price of a uniform kit is NOT included in the registration fee, and must be paid for at the point of purchase from Sports Basement.

Uniforms are available for purchase at Sports Basement in Novato, either in-store or on-line, shortly before the season.  

2021 Dates:  Aug. 20 - Sept. 18

Pricing is as follows:

  • Reversible Jersey: $25
  • Shorts:  Youth - $14   Adult - $16
  • Socks:  $9

TOPSoccer: Soccer for Special Needs Kids
Uniforms are allowed, but not required. Soccer cleats (not baseball cleats - identified by a stud at the toe-tip of the shoe), along with shin guards, are recommended.

Cleats & Shin Guards
Shin guards are required at all levels, and must be worn under socks. Soccer cleats recommended in 1st-3rd Grades (tennis shoos allowed), and are required in 4th Grade - High School. Baseball cleats (with a stud at the toe-tip) are not allowed. Soccer equipment may be purchased at SportsBasement in Novato or the Presidio, or a variety of other sporting goods stores.

Water Bottle
Children are strongly encouraged to bring a large water bottle to every practice and game. Bottles should be marked with names, and children should take responsibility for remembering their own bottle, as well as all other soccer gear that might be left at the field.  Children should take responsibility for recycling all disposable water bottles, as well as other trash brought to the field.