GO.net - Getting Games

 Once you have registgered with GameOfficials.net and logged into the MVSC group (#1299), complete the following steps to request games:

My Availability

  • Set your availability, either by month, day or hours within a specific date.  
  • You must be "Available" in order to see potential game assignments on that day or time.
  • Take care to be accurate.  If you say you are available ALL DAY, but have your own soccer game at 10:00am, you may be placed in an assignment that you cannot fulfill.  This is your responsibility to manage, not MVSCs.

For more complete instructions, we provide screenshots for Setting Availability

Self-Assigning Games

Once you have set your availability, you can "Self-Assign" games.  Self-Assiging really means requesting a game.  It does not mean you are actually assigned to work that game yet.

  • View future games by day, week or month.
  • If a game still needs a referee, it will appear GREEN in the right column under "Officials."
  • Click on "Request Game."
  • You may request up to 4 games on a given day.
  • You are not assigned to work that game until you receive confirmation from the MVSC Referee Assignor.

For more complete instructions, we provide screen shots for Self-Assigning.

Confirming Games

  • Once youve requested a game(s), the Assignor will decide if it is an appropriate game for your experience level.
  • If he assigns you to a game, you will receive a notification (see below) about the assignment.
  • Upon logging back in, you will see a message box in the top, right corner showing you have "Unaccepted Games."  Click on this.
  • You can see the games that are being offered, and you simpy click ACCEPT and then SAVE.
  • If you DECLINE a game, you need to explain why.  Repeatedly declining games may result in fewer offers of future games.
  • If you fail to ACCEPT a game within 48 hours of being offered the assigment, the Assignor may remove you from that game.
  • Once you have ACCEPTED a game, you will receive a confirming notification, and a reminder a few days before the game.


You can set your own preferences about how to receive notifications, changes and reminders about your assignments.

  • Under "Personal Information" you can set communication preferences.
  • Specify if you prefer to receive emails or texts about your game assignements.
  • Save your preferences.


To receive payment, you must enter your Social Security number under "Personal Information."

For more complete instructions, we provide screen shots for Adding Social Security #.