The Ropers Award

Celebrating Sportsmanship and the Love of Soccer

The Club has handed out the Ropers Award to one player on every team since 1980. The Award commemorates Clarc Ropers, who was killed in an automobile accident at the intersection of Almonte and Miller. The award was not created to recognize the best player on the team, the worst player on the team, the player who scored the most goals or the player who was the best goalie. This award is intended solely to recognize the true spirit of sportsmanship and a love of soccer.

If there is a player on your team who comes to the practices, does what he/she is told to do, and not only never complains but does so joyfully -- even though he/she does not want to be the goalie -- that player is a good candidate for the Ropers Award, even if they haven't scored or blocked any goals. There will be opportunities enough in life to reward the best players for their skill. This is a time to send a special message to the kids (and to their parents) that sportsmanship, teamwork and good spirit are recognized and appreciated. The selection of the Award recipient should not be put to a vote of team members, but rather should be a player selected by the coaching staff, and announced to the whole team at the end of the season.

We hope every coach and every player will embrace the spirit of this award in honoring a joyful love for the game!