AQI Update: 10/3 - Saturday Trainings are ON!

AQI Update:  10/3 - Saturday Trainings are ON!

UPDATES: 10/3 - All Trainings are ON!  If AQI rises to 150 or greater at any time on Saturday, trainings will be cancelled.

MVSC Families:

With wildfires burning in the Bay area, we would like to provide some information about when and how we will make decisions to cancel training.

This is the source that we use to monitor air quality:

Purple Air

Following are the general guidelines that we all can use to determine if training goes forward:

  • AQI under 100 - all practices are on!
  • AQI between 100-150 - coaches and families should use their best judgement based on the age of their kids; physical exertion at training will be reduced
  • AQI over 150 - all practices are cancelled

In some cases, we may use subjective criteria that will cause cancellations below an AQI of 150 (excessive heat, length of training, etc.).  We will communicate via email as soon as we make a decision to cancel, and will do so at least 90 minutes before training begins.  We will also do our best to update social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), so please follow MVSC to get updates.  

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by a delayed decision on any given day.  

Stay safe!