MVSC Open & Fair Tryout Policy

Goals of Tryout Policy:  To implement a format, procedures and policies that maximize an effective, efficient, fair and open player placement process for our Competitive Soccer Program.

  1. Coaches, Evaluators and the Director of Coaching and Player Development ("DOC") will work as a team when evaluating a cohort. All members of the Coaching Team will have input in final player placement decisions of all teams in a cohort.
  2. Team Coaches are given some leeway in making decisions on players who are on a "bubble" (i.e., border between A and B, B and C, Development player opportunity, or decision to be offered or not offered a competitive playing opportunity).  Team Coaches ultimately will be working with the Teams.  As such, Coaches need to be entrusted to select the players on the "bubble" who they feel will most benefit from their Coaching style and regimen, and who can best contribute to their teams.
  3. DOC will make final decision (with input from Coaching Staff) on how many teams MVSC will form in a cohort.
  4. Players’ previous "track records" playing in the competitive program will be considered important data when making roster decisions.  
    1. Data includes but is not limited to:  prior attendance, commitment, training habits, attitude, personality, maturity, coachability.
    2. MVSC will make efforts to have previous coaches of a cohort provide input to the team of Coaches/Evaluators evaluating a cohort.  Previous MVSC coaches may provide information on players’ previous track records playing in the competitive program.
  5. All players are encouraged to attend as many tryout dates as possible, to maximize their exposure to our Tryout Staff.
  6. New players will receive fair and equal consideration to earn spots in the competitive program.  New players will be "given the benefit of the doubt" in assessing intangibles which are difficult to assess in a tryout environment (e.g., training habits, maturity, attitude, coachability, commitment, etc.). 
  7. All "play-up" decisions must be approved by the DOC.