Tryout Notification Timeline

The following table outlines the timing for invitations to our Competitive and Development Programs, as well as the deadlines to accept these invitations and register your child.  If your child receives an invitation to either program, a prompt response to either ACCEPT or DECLINE is greatly appreciated, as your family's response may impact other players.  Please note that after accepting an invitation, a parent still needs to register the player online by the deadline listed below.

A list of invited players to each program will be posted online by the date shown, and each participant will be sent an email to accept and register.  

Due to the high volume of players trying out, players who do not receive an invitation to either program will not be contacted directly.  If your child's name is not on either list, we encourage you to register for our Recreational League no later than June 1.

Age Group

Last Tryout

Website Posting
Email Invitations

Registration  Deadline*

(By Invitation Only)

U8 - U14
(2013 - 2006)

May 11

May 13 @ 9:00pm

May 16 @ 11:59pm

U15 - U19
(2005 - 2001)

May 16

May 21 @ 9:00pm

May 23 @ 11:59pm

(By Invitation Only)

U8 - U12
(2013 - 2008)

May 11

May 17 @ 9:00pm

May 20 @ 11:59pm

(Open to All Players)

All Age Groups



June 1 @ 11:59pm


MVSC will not post names of players who do not receive a roster invitation.  Players not offered an invitation to either a Competitive or a Development team roster are encouraged to register for Recreational Soccer by June 1.

(By Invitation Only)

U13 - U15
(2007 - 2005)

May 11

June 15 @ 12:00pm

June 29 @ 12:00pm


DPGs are intended to supplement the training for players participating in our Recreational program.  Registering for MVSC Recreational Soccer is not a requirement to receive a DPG invitation, but it is strongly encouraged.


A $50 Late Fee is applied to all registrations received after the deadline.