AGC Job Description

The Age Group Coordinator (“AGC”) is the volunteer person responsible for the organization, implementation, and communication for a specific age group, or league of players within the Mill Valley Soccer Club (“MVSC”) Premier Rec program.  Divisions consist of:

  • Kindergarten
  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade
  • 6th Grade
  • 7th & 8th Grade
  • High School

All age groups have both Boys and a Girls division.  Girls are permitted to play in the Boys division.

Job Duties include:

Preseason Team Formation
At a pre determined date in late spring, the AGC reviews all registered players of a certain division via an on-line registration program.  The AGC is responsible for forming teams prior to the end of the school year.  Depending on the age group and disposition of the coaches and families in the group, the AGC may form teams based on previous knowledge of players combined with friendship and school requests, or other methods as approved by the Club.  Exact team formation process should be discussed and approved by the Director of Premier Rec Soccer (“Director”).

Coach Recruiting and Assignment
Coaches and assistant coaches are asked to volunteer at the point of player registration.  AGC is responsible for analyzing total player pool, considering the impact of potential late registrants, and formulating an appropriate team count for their division.  With assistance from Operations Coordinator, AGC ensures that an appropriate number of coaches are assigned to each team.  As necessary, when volunteers are greater than the anticipated number of teams, AGC is responsible for pairing coaches whenever possible.  If teams outnumber coaches, AGC must take steps to recruit additional coaches from the ranks of volunteer parents.  This is most often done by requesting that assistant coach volunteers step up, or soliciting other volunteers directly from the parent base.  In some situations, the AGC will work with the Operations Coordinator to assess the need for more drastic communications and/or actions.

Once team formation is final, AGC is responsible for managing and approving any and all trade requests made by families or coaches.  Final rosters are to be submitted to the Director, and communicated to the coaching slate.

Coach/Team Communication
AGC should establish an email tree that allows direct contact with all coaches in their division.  AGC is responsible for forwarding on communications that come from the Club and the Director directly to coaches, and requesting further communication from the coach to the families as required.  These communications would include key events such as meetings, practice scheduling, game schedules, and other announcements.  Timing is often critical, so communications from the Club or Director should be forwarded within 24 hours of the request.  The AGC may perform other communications directly with coaches as required.

Season Oversight
During the course of the season, AGC is responsible for general oversight of their playing league.  Depending on age group, MVSC may or may not track standings.  Regardless, AGC should strive to have a sense of how things are going with regards to general play and adherence to the MVSC Code of Conduct.  Intervention, with the support of the Director and other board members, should be expected as the need arises.  

In divisions where standings are tracked, the AGC is responsible for ensuring the collection of all game scores from their teams.  Game scores are reported directly by coaches through the "Phone-It-In" system (see below), but some follow up from the AGC in regards to delinquent reporting may be required.  AGC should monitor game scores and take action as needed if there are consistent infractions on our Blow Out Rule. 

Post Season
The AGCs play a critical role in a few post season events. 

First, in divisions with a post-season tournament, AGC may assist with the distribution of award medals.

In addition, the gathering of player evaluations from all coaches is required at all levels of play.  AGCs will assist in the collection of these team evaluations.

AGCs should plan to meet as part of the Premier Rec Committee, approximately 4 times per year, to exchange ideas and information for the betterment of the program.