NEW for 2022!
MVSC unveiled a new logo in 2020, and this year we're taking it a step further.
All uniform ordering will be done on-line thru Soccer.com.

All MVSC Premier Rec players will need a uniform kit that includes:

  • Adidas RED Jersey
  • Adidas WHITE Jersey
  • Adidas BLACK Shorts
  • BLACK Socks
  • Adidas Practice T-Shirt (optional)

To order, go to Soccer.com

  1. Create an account, or sign into your existing account.
  2. In upper right corner, click on FIND YOUR TEAM STORE
  4. Click on UNIFORM KIT
  5. DO NOT enter your child's name or team.  Instead,
  6. Scroll down and select SELECT COLLECTION
  7. Choose from MVSC PREMIER REC - BOYS or GIRLS
  8. You may choose any jersey #.  Practice T-Shirts are optional.

All players must wear shin guards, worn underneath socks.  Soccer cleats are recommended, but sneakers are allowed.  Baseball or football cleats are not allowed.  

The price of a uniform kit is NOT included in the registration fee, and must be purchased on-line thru Soccer.com.  

RE-USE/RECYCLE:  MVSC encourages re-use and recycling of uniforms whenever possible.  Any red and/or white jersey from past seasons is welcome. 

In addition, players must wear soccer cleats and shin guards at all times during games or practice.  Baseball cleats with a toe cleat are prohibited.

Jewelry may NOT be worn (i.e., earrings, watches, loose jewelry, rings, bracelets etc), which might jeopardize the health or safety of any player on the field.  If you have plans to pierce your child's ears, you are strongly encouraged to do so at least 6 weeks before the start of the soccer season.  Starter studs are not allowed, and a player must remove them to participate in either practices or games.

HOME team wears RED and VISITOR wears WHITE.

Water Bottle
Children are strongly encouraged to bring a water bottle to every practice and game. Bottles should be marked with names, and children should take responsibility for remembering their own bottle, as well as all other soccer gear that might be left at the field.  Children should take responsibility for recycling all disposable water bottles, as well as other trash brought to the field.