Recreational FAQs



How do I register my child for Mill Valley Soccer?

On-line registration opens April 1 and stays open until June 1. You may register after June 1, but will be subject to a $50 late fee. 

Register by clicking the big red button that appears on all our web pages, and creating a Household Account, if you are new to our club. The registration fee for recreational soccer for the 2021 season is $305 per child for Kindergarten through 3rd grades, and $345 per child for 4th grade through high school.  Mill Valley residents will receive a $30 resident discount at the point of check-out. 

How can I sign up to coach a team?

When you register your child, click on the "Coach" or "Assistant Coach" option in the volunteer section.  You will be contacted by your Age Group Coordinator prior to team formation.  If you’ve already registered, but forgot to volunteer, you can log back into our household account and "REGISTER A VOLUNTEER," or send a quick note to  Remember to tell us which child you are planning to coach.

What are the requirements to coach a team?

MVSC feels it is helpful that all coaches have at least an "F" level license, attend a Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) clinic, or attend an equivalent approved coaching clinic offered before each season.  MVSC typically hosts several clinic options in late August or early September, near the start of the season.  Check the calendar for clinic dates.  All coaches and assistants must complete a US Club Background Check every two years.

What coaching education resources does MVSC offer?

MVSC offers many helpful resources to novice and experienced coaches.  These include:  a variety of pre-season Coaching Clinics; an online listing of websites with practice plans, exercises, and tips on many topics including parent and player management; and professional coach assistance at early season practices.  For more details, go to MVSC's Coaching resources page.

I don’t want to coach, what else can I do?

While coaches and assistant coaches are always needed, we also need volunteer referees in our 1st - 3rd Grade divisions, Team Photographers to capture the moments throughout the season, Team Managers to handle snacks and communications, and more.  Also, one of our biggest events is The Creedman Cup 5 v 5 Tournament, which occurs each Labor Day.  We depend on volunteer support to work a 2-4 hour shift at this amazing event. For a complete list of volunteer opportunities, see our Volunteer Roles page.  Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about Committee or Board opportunities, please contact:

I volunteered, but was still charged a $50 Fee?  Why, and how do I get that back?

We charge all families a $50 Volunteer Fee at the point of registration.  For parents who fulfill their volunteer commitment, you will receive a $50 refund at the end of the season, directly to your credit card.  In this way, we help fund the growing operational costs of our club, while rewarding those who still have the time and interest to volunteer.

When do we know what team we are on?

Teams are typically formed after the end of On-Time Registration on June 1.

We will notify Coaches once their team rosters are final.  Our goal is for Coaches to notify the families on their teams by the end of the school year.  If you registered on time, and have not been contacted by your coach by July 1, please reach out to your Age Group Coordinator.  If you registered late, after June 1, your child may not be placed on a team until August. 

Can my child transfer to another team?

Only under exceptional circumstances do we allow players to change teams after teams are announced. Requests must be approved by the AGC and/or the Director of Rec Soccer. Requests to change must be made to the coach of the assigned team, who will assist the parent in working with the AGC, if a transfer is approved. 

Can my child play on the same team as his or her friend?

MVSC forms teams with a primary goal of satisfying friendship requests whenever possible.  Parents are encouraged to make a “Friend Request” field on the player registration form, at the time of registration.  We also work with volunteer Coaches who submit a roster list prior to the May 15 deadline, to ensure as many friends as possible will play together, while still striving for parity within the playing division.

How do I make that Friendship Request?

MVSC encourages parents to make friendship requests on the player registration form in the "Friend Request" field. Parents are welcome to request more than one friend.  Friend requests made after the registration process are accepted, but it is strongly preferred that parents list all friends at the time of registration.

Does my child need a uniform?

All of our Recreational teams will wear the same uniform kit:  Red/White reversible jersey, black shorts and black socks.  Recreational uniforms may be ordered on-line during registration, but are not included in the price of registration.  They are available for pick-up at SportsBasement in Novato in late August & early September.  Exact dates will be posted. 

Become a Sports Basement Basementeer and designate MVSC as your preferred charity, and all in-store purchases are 10% off, year round, plus the club receives valuable sponsorship support from Sports Basement.  SIGN UP NOW TO BE A BASEMENTEER!

Note: shin guards are mandatory, and baseball cleats are NOT allowed.  MVSC encourages use of recycled uniforms.

Where are practices and games held?

Almost all practices and games are held on Mill Valley soccer fields, although fields in Corte Madera, Tiburon and Sausalito may also be used by some age-groups. Our High School teams play in the Marin Interleague, with games played at other communities throughout Marin.  By registering with MVSC, you must be willing to practice and play games in any of the locations assigned by the league.

If my child decides not to play, can I get a refund?

  • Refund requested before July 1:  Full Refund, less a $30 Admin Fee. 
  • Refund requested July 1 -  July 31:  75% of registration fees, no refund on late fees.
  • Refund requested August 1 - August 15:  50% of registration fees, no refund on late fees.
  • Refund request after August 15:  no refunds will be given.
  • No refunds will be offered at any time if a child cancels due to concerns about team placement.

When is the season?

Our recreational teams typically begin practicing the last week in August.  

The Creedman Cup 5 v 5 Tournament, on Labor Day, marks the official start of our season, with first league games usually scheduled for the following weekend.  Most divisions play between 8 - 10 games, and complete seasonal play by the last weekend in October.  For some of our teams, 4th Grade and older, a season ending Jamboree Tournament will run into the first week of November.

Traditionally, the recreational season ends on or before the start of Daylight Savings Time

When will I know my child’s schedule?

We form teams in early June, and assign practice schedules shortly after team formation.  Coaches should know their practice days, times and locations by mid-late June, and we ask that they communicate those schedules to their team families immediately.  

If you have not heard from your coach by early July, please contact your Age Group Coordinator to inquire about your child’s status

Game schedules are typically released by August 15, with the first games being scheduled for the weekend after Labor Day.  High school teams will likely have games the last weekend in August.  Parents should expect a game each Saturday, with some occasional Sunday games, throughout the season

If I have more questions about my child’s team, the playing division, or the Club, who should I contact?

For questions about your child’s team, please communicate directly with your assigned Coach.  If teams have not yet been announced, you may direct questions to the appropriate Age Group Coordinator.

If you have more general questions about the Club, please feel free to contact, and your question will be answered by the appropriate person

What is TOPSoccer?

MVSC’s TOPSoccer program ("The Outreach Program for Soccer") is a community-based program for young athletes with physical, development and behavioral challenges.   Organized by MVSC volunteers,TOPS brings the opportunity to learn and play soccer to any boy or girl in a relaxed, supportive and fun atmosphere.  Our goal is to enable young athletes with disabilities to become valued and successful members of the MVSC family.  MVSC is proud to offer this program free to all participants.  To learn more, go to our TOPSoccer page.