Laws of the Game

As a referee, you are required to know and apply the 17 Laws of the Game.  You should have been provided a US Soccer Federation "Laws of the Game" booklet when you registered, but an updated list is always available at:  Laws of the Game.

Additionally, it is critical that you are familiar with the MVSC Modified Laws, which are adjusted to conform with age specific rules applied at each grade level within our Recreational League:  MVSC Modified Laws of the Game.

Every effort has been made to keep these modified rules consistent with US Soccer, and only modified to support the level of play and spirit of our recreational league.  Please take the time to learn these rules, and keep a copy with you during all games.  The coaches may think they know the rules, but you are ultimately in charge of how the game is played.

Finally, if you are assigned to work in our Competitive League, either as a Center Referee or an Assistant Referee, you must be familiar with Norcal Premier League rules.