Referee Mentoring Program

MVSC offers a robust and structured mentoring program to assist officials at all levels to progress in the confidence and understanding of the game.

All new grassroots officials are encouraged to take advantage of work with an MVSC Mentor as they begin their career as a soccer official.  Mentoring helps a young official develop a keener understanding of basics such as:

  • Pre-game preparation.
  • Positioning as an Assistant Referee
  • Proper flag mechanics.
  • Understanding the Laws of the Game.

As officials advance in confidence, they may seek to "carry the whistle" as a Center Official.  MVSC's Mentoring program sets an official up for success, with hands on, real game oversight.  Officials will learn:

  • Team check-in and pre-game procedures.
  • Proper field positioning.
  • Movement during active play.
  • Mechanics of foul calling and proper restarts.
  • Technical area management.
  • and much more....

If you would like to benefit by working with an MVSC Mentor, please contact the MVSC Referee Assignor.