NEW Referee Course

Invitation to register to become a licensed GRASSROOTS NEW REFEREE.
All of the required assignments can now be completed on line. Meaning, the previously required portion of the Course that had to be completed at a field with an Instructor can now be completed online by attending a Webinar (date and time will be provided to all the registered students in a timely fashion). 
For your convenience, these are the initial steps to register for a Grassroots-First Time Referee Course:
In your browser, open
  • Click on "Sign Up" located at the top, right corner
  • A small window titled "Select Discipline" will open
  • Click on "Register as a Referee"
  • Fill out all of the required fields and Check the two boxes: 
     I agree to the 
    Terms of Use               I agree to the Privacy Policy
  • ​Click on "Sign Up Now" (green fonts)
  • A new page "Profile" will open, verify the info is accurate
  • Click on "Courses" located at the top of the page (Or in "Menu" and then "Courses" if using a cell phone)
  • Click on "Grassroots-First Time Referees"
  • Click on "Go to Course List"
  • ​Complete registration to the COURSE
  • Complete the required Assignments (read instructions and follow the prompts)
Please contact me after you and/or your child has completed the course and been granted his new USSF Referee badge so that I can provide you at that point with complete instructions to register in the pool of MVSC Referees.
Stay safe and best wishes.
Rafael Nunn
MVSC Referee Assignor
707 494-6698