Showdown Between Sisters

Showdown Between Sisters

It was as close as we come to Friday Night Lights in Mill Valley, as the 2011 Rockers Red and 2011 Rockers White faced off in a Norcal State Cup Semi-Final on a sloppy Bell/Ropers Field.  It’s a rare event for two MVSC teams to face each other in the State Cup elimination rounds, made more unique with a Friday evening kick-off as the sun set behind Mt. Tam.

Coach Kierra Scalercio was a leader caught in the middle, acting as Switzerland as she navigated the emotional landscape of coaching both teams; winner advance, loser go home.

An early goal in just the second minute of play by the Red squad spelled early doom for the Rockers White, but tenacious play and commanding ball control kept the White team in the hunt.  Strong attacking from the Whites overcame a taller, more physical Red squad, and pressure mounted as the game advanced to half time.

A free kick from 40 yards out allowed for an opportune goal by the White Rockers early in the second half to tie up the game.  Play continued through regulation time, with White dominating control, but Red holding strong in the defensive third of the field.  

Despite mounting pressure from the White team with an onslaught of attacks as daylight wained, the Red team mounted an aggressive offensive push with two goals in the final four minutes of play.  With the sun setting over the Mt. Tam horizon, the 2011 MCSC Rockers Red advanced to the State Cup finals over a very formidable 2011 Rockers White opponent.

Rarely do we see MVSC friends become season ending Norcal opponents, but in tonight’s exceptional Friday night showdown, we saw the best in what our club has to offer in inter-club competitive play.  Both teams left their hearts on the field, giving their all in a season ending battle between sisters.

These girls are the future.  Congratulations to all our 2011 (and 2012) Rockers, and good luck to the 2011 Rockers Red, who advance to the State Cup final on Sunday!